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Kahoot! has played an important part in digital education for both teachers and students. It’s a game-based learning platform that allows teachers to design quizzes and other learning activities for their pupils. The bad news is that some astute students are now attempting to hack Kahoot in order to improve their grades.

A simple search for Kahoot hacks will bring anyone, even an 8-year-old, to a plethora of scripts and keys that can be used to control how Kahoot functions. There are numerous Kahoot hacks available, such as the Auto-answer script, Score changer, and so on. In this piece, I’ll highlight all of them and provide step-by-step instructions on how to use them.


Kahoot! is an extremely popular gamified learning tool. Many schools and educational institutions now opt to educate their students via platforms such as Kahoot. It makes teachers’ interactions with pupils more engaging and enjoyable. When schools and colleges were closed, Kahoot performed an important part in keeping students engaged to their education.

Kahoot can be accessed by teachers and students via mobile, tablet, laptop, or PC. It has a mobile app as well as a website. Using either of these, teachers can transform routine tasks such as classroom lectures, assessments, and so on into game-based quizzes and competitions.


Students can enter the tournament by entering their “PIN.” They can also accumulate points and possibly win amazing prizes. All of this has helped to transform the paradigm of education amid difficult times. As a result, Kahoot continues to soar to new heights every day.


It is widely assumed that anything connected to the internet can be hacked in some way, someday. The same is true with Kahoot. Anyone with a basic understanding of ethical hacking may circumvent’s security procedures. Although it is not easy to hack the Kahoot mobile app.

However, there have been reports of hackers circumventing the Kahoot app’s security mechanisms by exploiting certain vulnerabilities and loopholes. As a result, it is possible to hack Kahoot on both the website and the app (specifically, an older version of the Kahoot app). And, for some obvious students, this has been a means of having fun and taunting their lecturers.


As previously stated, individuals attempt to hack the Kahoot website largely through the use of scripts, extensions, and keys. All of these are created by experienced internet hackers and modders. JavaScript is used to create the Kahoot! website. The hackers take advantage of existing vulnerabilities in the code and circumvent security mechanisms.

Aside from that, some students do not hack Kahoot, but they manage to cheat in their teachers’ tests utilising easy tactics. I’ve included both of these things below. You can look through them to see how easy it has become for exploiters to cheat on Kahoot.


There are numerous Chrome browser extensions available on the internet that can assist you in hacking Kahoot. You simply add them to Chrome on your PC, activate them while completing the quiz, and that’s all there is to it. Keep in mind that these extensions only operate on the Kahoot website and not on the Kahoot mobile app.

Here are a few examples of Chrome extensions designed to hack or cheat on

1. Kahoot Auto Answer Hack: This versatile Chrome extension takes use of website faults to identify and correctly guess the answer to every question in the quiz. This program’s primary features include automatically retrieving answers, adjusting the quantity of points awarded per question, and purposefully failing the test.

2. Kahoot Flooder/Spammer: This Chrome plugin is used to send random bots to the Kahoot website. The bots then transmit several responses to the quiz questions. All of this perplexes and concerns the teacher.

3. Invisibility Kahoot Name: This Chrome addon will hide your Kahoot name. Your name will be hidden, and the space next to your responses will be left blank.

4. Kahoot Keys: With this Chrome extension, you can answer Kahoot questions without using the mouse. The first four number keys on the keyboard can be used to communicate the responses. This isn’t a hack, but rather a “help-tool.”

Along with this, the Chrome Web Store contains a plethora of similar extensions.


To hack into the Kahoot environment, some more advanced spammers who understand how the internet works rely on certain scripts, keys, and domains. They usually do this in order to ace the quiz and have fun. Here are a few examples of Kahoot hacks.

1. Mem-rip/Kahoot: This is the most widely used website for hacking Kahoot. There are numerous hacks available here to cheat and spam in any Kahoot test.

2. Kahoot Rocks: This website will allow you to circumvent the username and appear in the test without any progress being recorded. The system will not record your responses or scores while it is operational.

3. Kahoot Ninja: This website offers two main hacking scripts for Kahoot. One permits bots to spam the quiz, while the other allows you to retrieve answers automatically.

4. This website provides a whole set of tools for hacking Their suite includes several command-line tools as well as a Go Package with which other Go Programs can interface.

5. Kahoot Winner: This website allows you to automatically win every Kahoot game in which you participate. To win the game, you must enter your information on their website.


Aside from the techniques stated above, some students cheat on Kahoot quizzes with easy tricks. Some of the techniques used by those pupils are listed below:

Request that their friends share the answers when they find them.
Capture the answer when it appears on the board by accident.
Use two tabs to access the Kahoot! website. Run the game in one tab while signing in with a different account in another. They can quickly locate all the answers after locating the pack in which the game is running.
Seek assistance from their buddies or the smartest students in the class.
Please locate all prospective packs and take note of their responses.

Many teachers are now aware of these methods and how to limit them. Still, there are many professors who are unaware that their students are attempting to game the system.


Teachers should take special precautions to keep their pupils from hacking Kahoot. Using them will reduce the annoyance of spamming or crashing the Kahoot games. The first step for teachers is to ensure that all of their students are utilizing the most recent version of the Kahoot app.

They should not be using the Kahoot website or previous versions of the app. These are particularly vulnerable to exploits and spam. Teachers should also refrain from leaking information or clues to pupils because they may wind up spreading it. They should not share the PIN in advance.

On the app, there are numerous Kahoot-like websites and third-party apps. Teachers should avoid using them and stick with Kahoot. These are some easy precautions that can aid with the transition.


Many students nowadays attempt to hack Kahoot in order to appear “Cool.” They provide no function. They’re only doing it to irritate their teachers and impress their pals. This, however, is not how things work. If you’re a student reading this, I strongly advise you to avoid such activities because they will just waste your time and have a negative impact on your future.

Instead, you should study honestly, appreciate your professors’ efforts, and take the quizzes seriously. This will have an effect somewhere down the road. That concludes this post.

People also ask

Is it possible to cheat on Kahoot?

rip/kahoot: One of the more diverse methods of cheating in the game. This will allow you to cheat in a variety of ways. There are possibilities for making you the winner, as well as spambots and other tools.
How can I obtain Kahoot answers?
Scroll down to General in the Game options screen and enable the following option: “Show questions and answers on players’ devices.”
What exactly is the Kahoot hack site?
Kahoot Hack is a website that describes itself as a “Kahoot hacker that works.” There are four Kahoot Hack alternatives, including websites and apps for self-hosted solutions. The greatest free and open source alternative is kahoot-smash.
Can Kahoot answers include images?
You may now use photographs as answer alternatives, which was one of our most popular requests. It will assist you in engaging pupils of all ages – including those learning to read – in a variety of themes. You can now use photos as answer alternatives in addition to text.
Image result for Kahoot Hack Answers
In kahoot, can you have many right answers?
Multi-select allows players to choose numerous correct answers and receive points for each correct response they chose. How can you enable multi-selection? This functionality can be enabled while designing your kahoot: Add a quiz question and check the right answer choices.

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