Here is Top Kahoot! tips for parents to make learning awesome at home – June 2022


With many regions of the world seeing a new wave of lockdowns and restrictions, the next holiday season will most likely feature more time spent at home. Many parents are looking for fresh, creative methods to engage, entertain, and support their children during this difficult period when social activities are limited.

We’ve compiled a list of Kahoot! suggestions and activities to help you give your kids more fun, learning, and meaningful screen time this holiday season.

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In your living room, there will be a game show.

According to our recent Kahoot! Holiday Family Survey, more than half of the 6,000+ families that responded plan to enjoy the holidays by playing online games. You may play and learn together with Kahoot! Set up a live kahoot on your TV screen so that the rest of the family may participate via mobile phones. Allow each family member to select a kahoot on their favourite topic.

When you’re playing Kahoot, time flies! We propose putting up a festive collection of kahoots so you may keep playing without interruption. Click Collections in the Kahoots area, then Create collection. Once you’ve built a collection, you can add both your own and community-made kahoots to it. If you select Play all, the collection will function like a playlist, with each kahoot starting after the previous one.

The Discover section of Kahoot! is a wonderful place to start looking for ready-to-play kahoots. Open a relevant kahoot, then click the three-dot dropdown and select Add to collection.

The Kahoot! app’s study modes

The learning modes in the Kahoot! app for iOS and Android make it enjoyable to learn new topics, revisit previously studied content, and discover trivia facts. The following modes are available to children:

Flashcards are ideal for memorizing facts or refreshing knowledge.

Play a kahoot without a timer until the children have mastered all questions.
Test yourself: after youngsters are familiar with a topic, they can put their knowledge to the test by playing against AI players with a timer.
Challenge pals: Kids can send a kahoot to their friends as a challenge and see if they can beat their score.
Children can play any public kahoot in study mode. To begin, users simply open a kahoot within the app and press the Study button:

League competition with buddies

Leagues are yet another amazing tool designed exclusively for learners in the Kahoot! app. A league is a virtual organisation where students can upload kahoots, invite their friends to compete, and keep track of a shared scoreboard.

Competition boosts engagement and motivation while also allowing children to connect with one another no matter where they are. They may now upload their Bitmoji avatars to give that nickname a face!

Make math fun for kids by using Kahoot! DragonBox applications

Captivate your children with a one-of-a-kind, interactive math learning experience at home! You get unlimited access to two award-winning math apps with a Kahoot!+ subscription: Kahoot! DragonBox Numbers (recommended for ages 4-8) and Big Numbers (recommended for ages 6-9). (recommended for ages 6-9). Get kids engaged with math basics and help them master additions and subtractions. To try these apps, join a free trial of Kahoot!+ Family.

Kahoot can help kids learn to read! Poio

Do you have a preschooler? Play can help them learn to read! Kahoot! The Poio Read app, which is included with a Kahoot!+ membership, will pique children’s interest and motivate them along the way, while adapting to their own pace. You may play and learn alongside your child, or you can let them explore on their own!

Let your imagination run wild.

Creating a kahoot is easy and enjoyable, and it also makes an excellent family game when everyone can add a few questions. With a Kahoot!+ subscription, you can unlock more question kinds, such as polls and word clouds, as well as game choices to spice up the fun, such as graphics as answer alternatives – ideal for later use with younger children!

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