Explained Hacking Kahoot June 2022


Hey! This is a fun activity that leaders can do with their clubs. It walks users through the process of controlling a Kahoot user with Node.js using the kahoot.js-updated npm module. The module has been deprecated, however this workshop should still function.

A few quick tips for the workshop:

The challenge version of Kahoot is used in the workshop since it is the most adaptable.

Because the workshop is a slideshow, you’ll need a lot of energy to make the activity spectacular.

Prepare to adapt and assist participants as they complete the programme.


Now, here’s a step-by-step method to preparing for the Kahoot activity.

To begin, go to kahoot.com and sign up for an account.


Go to this page and select a Kahoot that you believe will appeal to your club’s members.

Press the Play button.

Play button

Select the right-hand option.

Hacking Kahoot
Hacking Kahoot

Configure them as shown in the image below, then click Create.

Hacking Kahoot
Hacking Kahoot

Make a note of the Game PIN and keep it securely.

Hacking Kahoot
Hacking Kahoot

Repeat this process two more times.

You’re ready once you receive your game codes.


Load the slideshow from here on the day.

Run the presentation, making sure to give the attendees enough time to write down their code.

Make sure students fork the beginning repo at https://hack.af/kahoot-repl.

When you get to the Let’s try it! slide, pass the Kahoot code to your students and let them run their applications. Open the Kahoot reports page and display the student’s results.

The challenge section follows. Begin by following the instructions on the slides. However, if the students are having difficulty, load up the beginning repl and add the following code:

require(“kahoot.js-updated”); const Kahoot
new Kahoot(); const client

join(‘000000’, Math.random() + “- Your Name”);

let finalNo array function verifyProperty(array, property)

forEach(function(value, i) { if (value[property] === true) {finalNo = i} }); return(finalNo) }

() => client.on(“QuizStart”) console.log(“The quiz has begun!”); );

client.on(“QuizEnd”) = console.log(“The quiz is over.”); );

client.on(“QuestionStart”, question = console.log(question) question.answer(0);

This code combines the code they should have written during the session with the helper function described in the slideshow. The Kahoot module is loaded, and a new client is created. This client then joins the game with a random name and the pin 000000 in this block. The helper function then returns the index of an item in an array when the specified property is true. It is then configured to record when the quiz begins and stops. Finally, when it is asked a question, it selects the first option.

Now, with the help of your attendees, investigate the question object to identify the options option.

Then, employ the helper function and insert the following code:

client.on(“QuestionStart”, query =>

verifyProperty(question.choices, “correct”));

Allow students to write this code for themselves and then run a demo using your second Game PIN.

Finally, run the hacking section for students and demonstrate it to them. Prepare to assist the students.

Hacking Kahoot
Hacking Kahoot


Here are a few examples:

Spam Kahoot with a large number of new members; it repeats the join command 100 times or until Kahoot limits our rate.
Sending the Rick Roll lyrics to Kahoot results in a string of the song lyric being split into an array, which is then looped over and joined with the username being a song lyric line.
When a new question is added to a Custom Kahoot CLI, it displays the options and then solicits user feedback for the answer.

People also ask

Is it possible to cheat in Kahoot?

rip/kahoot: One of the more diverse methods of cheating in the game. This will allow you to cheat in a variety of ways. There are possibilities for making you the winner, as well as spambots and other tools.

What is the website where you can hack Kahoot?

The best alternative is kahoot-smash, which is both open source and free. Similar sites and apps to Kahoot Hack include Kahoot Bot, Kahoot Hacker, and Kahoot Smasher.

Can you participate in an anonymous Kahoot?

Because no account is required to play a kahoot, players can remain anonymous in the game by utilizing nicknames. Some teachers who conduct games urge students to use their real names, although this is entirely optional!

How can I obtain a Kahoot code?

When you visit https://kahoot.it or open our mobile app and hit the “Enter PIN” button, you will see a form that asks for a “game PIN.” A game PIN is a one-time use code that indicates the game you want to play. When someone presents a live kahoot or assigns a kahoot, this PIN is produced.

In kahoot, how did Beluga cheat?

Skittle was kicked the bucket by Walt (aka died by Walt) in When You Cheat in School Kahoot… when Beluga stole his points using the “Kahoot Point Stealer.”

How do you view kahoot answers?

Image outcome
Scroll down to General in the Game options box and enable “Show questions and answers on players’ devices.”
Image result

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