Explained 10 Totally Fun Kahoot Ideas and Tips – June 2022



You’re probably already utilizing Kahoot with your kids if you’re like most teachers. For good reason, this free online quiz game generator is extremely popular. Teachers display the questions, and students respond using a secure software on their own devices (such as Chromebooks or cellphones). These activities are extremely popular among children, making them an ideal way to increase classroom participation. Even seasoned Kahoot users may be unaware of all the unique Kahoot ideas and tricks available, so check out our roundup to learn about new ways to use this fantastic tech tool!

1.Set Kahoot expectations

When playing games in class, kids might become competitive, so establish some ground rules straight on. Remind them that this is all about learning, and that everyone benefits when they follow the rules.

2.Use Kahoot in conjunction with Bitmoji.

Bitmoji and Kahoot have partnered together, and it’s a match made in heaven! When teachers and students play, they can use their own Bitmoji, which is completely free for all users!

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3.Visit the Kahoot library, which is open to the public.

Are you looking for some fast Kahoot game ideas? Use a free public Kahoot from the large library on the Discover page to save time. It has ready-to-use quizzes on almost any topic imaginable, all developed by other teachers and educators.

4.Customize and edit existing Kahoots


You may be able to clone and change a Kahoot that you like but wish to customize for your class. To see how it works, watch this video.

5.Change the backdrop with a theme.

Adding a theme to your Kahoots will make them much more enjoyable. The amount of themes available to free users is limited, but there are still enough to choose from.

6.Upload films to Kahoot via Vimeo.

There are several ways to add films to Kahoot, including their new Vimeo partnership.

7.Assign homework Kahoot challenges.

When students are given a Kahoot as a challenge, they play on their own, focusing solely on improving their individual score. If you merely want them to focus on the questions and answers, turn off the timer. If you want them to practice skills like math facts that need quick responses, turn it on. Students can also choose to replay questions until they get them right, which is a great way to prepare for an exam.

8.Have Kahoot read out the questions and answers.

Enable Read Aloud mode in Kahoot to empower younger pupils or those with visual impairments. Before selecting a response, children can hear the questions and possible replies read aloud.

9.Reports can be used for formative evaluations.

When you administer Kahoot challenges, you’ll get specific information on which questions were most frequently skipped, as well as score information for those who scored less than 35 percent accurate. This is an excellent tool to assess which topics require additional review and who requires additional assistance with the subject.

10.Use animated gifs to liven up your Kahoots.

Aren’t animated gifs popular among children? So it’s fantastic that Kahoot has teamed up with GIPHY to make it easy to include pretty much any gif in your quizzes.

People also ask

What are some good ideas for a kahoot?

Back-to-school icebreakers: simple kahoot ideas
Introduce yourself in the teacher’s selfie kahoot. Are you ready to meet your new students? …
Selfie kahoot for students — get to know one other better. It’s now their turn! …
Share summer memories with a storytelling kahoot.
Play a name game with your class in a photo kahoot.
Start a discussion with a survey kahoot.

How do I make my kahoot game more fun?

There are six different methods to make a kahoot fantastic.
Prepare ahead of time by doing some study and planning.
Make sure you’re asking the proper questions.
Ensure that your kahoot has all of the answers.
Make an impact with high-impact graphics and videos.
Take your students on a journey.
The podium is a great place to celebrate.

What is a fun kahoot?

Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform that allows users to quickly create, share, and play learning games and trivia quizzes. Bring the party to the classrooms, offices, and living spaces! Register for free.

What is the best strategy for kahoot?

Top Kahoot tips for a successful virtual training plan!
The importance of preparation cannot be overstated.
Create and discuss a clear set of objectives and deadlines.
Ascertain that all content is in one location and accessible to everyone.
After your virtual sessions, keep learning.

What is the best kahoot name?

Kahoot names with the most votes
Kahoot, kahoot, kahoot,
Teletubby claustrophobic Pill Cosby
Mr.stark I’m not in the best of moods.
Kahoot the Teacher is a game show hosted by Kahoot the Teacher.
Where is my super kah00t, honey?

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